Monday, February 23, 2009

Farewell Matt/Welcome Bryan Party 3/21 5-9PM

The owners of Flossmoor Station have decided to throw a little going away party for my family and me. While honored deeply, in an effort to stay humble, I've decided this need to be just as much a welcome Bryan the new brewmaster party as it does a going away party for me. So, that's what it is.
Join us Saturday night March 21st from about 5-9PM. There will be a food buffet during those hours and a cash bar available to enjoy all that is Flossmoor Station craft beer. We'll also be debuting Farewell Pale Ale that night, an American Pale. Of course stay as late as you'd like, but I have a 2200 mile journey to begin the next morning :) I hope you can join us!


Beaverbeliever said...

As an Oregonian and a Beer Advocate, I am truly excited you are making your way out west to the land of plenty! I have been lucky to try your beers through beer trading and friends bringing goodies back and I can not wait to wrap my taste buds around a delicious Oakshire beer. They already make good beer at Oakshire and I can only see things getting better. Any exciting ideas for first brews when you make it to our wonderful state? I would love to post something on the Beeradvocate Northwest Forum to drum up some more excitement.


BrewerM said...

Thanks Beaverbeliever. Not sure what's all in store yet, but I know we are going to have a lot of convos about the future at the shire. I reckon it will include plenty of new things including some future barrel stuff. Lots' o plans and not enough time to do it all
see you soon