Monday, February 02, 2009

Killer Kapowski to be released Saturday at 1PM

For those of you coming down Saturday for the release, I thought I would give you a few details on the logistics of the day.
-First, we will be bottling roughly 1440 bottles for your enjoyment.
-Currently there has not been a limit set, but it will be determined when the crowd shows up (I assume it could be a 1 case limit)
-Each bottle is $10. Case is $120.

-CASH IS NOT REQUIRED, BUT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. IT COULD EXPEDIATE YOUR TIME HERE. THERE IS A HARRIS BANK ATM 1/2 BLOCK DOWN THE STREET!!! also, having close to the correct change makes for a less stressful day for me ;)

-We will have StationMaster Wheat, Pullman Brown, Celebration IPA, and Ore-Gone IPA for sale as well. Transactions for those beers will be seperate from the KK and Wooden Hell Sales and can easily be purchased with credit card or cash at anytime during the day.

-We will have Woden Hell Labels AND Collaborative Evil Labels for sale for $2. Downstairs only!

-There will be a mug club tapping for those members starting at noon. they will be showing their mug club cards, so don't try to infiltrate the club. But do get signed up on the waiting list while you are here.

-Numbered tickets will be handed out as you arrive. THERE IS NO LINE. IT IS TOO COLD! Hold onto your ticket until 1PM. We will start calling numbers to head downstairs (via the front of the building) where sales will be happening. I assume 10-20 people at a time. While you are waiting feel free to have lunch or drink some beers. At the bar, Expect to either pay for your purchase or leave a credit card for your tab. With the number of people here and several people getting up to go purchase KK, it will be very hard for the bartenders and pub servers. Help 'em out if you can.

-As you wait in the short line at the basement door, you will be asked to write your name on your numbered ticket (if you choose) and put it into a drawing for the chance to purchase more Wooden Hell. If any is left. MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN.

-If you have NOT picked up your Wooden Hell, you will do it downstairs when you buy (if you choose) your KK.

-Once everyone has satisfyed their need for KK, we will draw for the leftover Wooden Hell.

Make sense?
Eat drink and be merry!

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