Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tap List 2/20/09

Killer Kapowski (8%)
The renamed and award winning Baltic Porter. We made two whole batches. Drink it in the pub and take a bottle or two home.

RecessionAle (3%)
For Hopheads. I can drink 6. can you?
special pricing for those of you getting socked by the crappy economy.

Ore-Gone IPA (7.5% a.b.v.)
It's very good and it's almost gone (like me)

Obama-Brau (5%)
Our politically correct Brown Ale

Guest Tap: Old Foghorn Barleywine-almost gone.
Next: Old Stock Ale
Guest Stout:Youngs Double Chocolate Stout

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Unknown said...

Not to be a pain in the ass customer, but I'm coming to visit with about 10 people and wondered if the tap list is going to be the same tomorrow afternoon?