Sunday, February 15, 2009

This, you have to see!

Anyone who is a fan of beer, and I assume that you are, must see "BEER" the play performed by the Neo-Futurists and written by my friends Steve Mosqueda and Sean Benjamin. It runs through March 7th at the new Metropolitan Brewery in Chicago (yes, the play is set in a brewery and is performed in a brewery-how cool). My wife and I were fortunate enough to catch the show Saturday night (yes, Valentine's day and my wife was thrilled to be taken there for V-day-I love her!). After a great beer paired dinner at the Hopleaf, we walked 4 blocks over to the show. Fortunately we were in good company with my friends Pete Crowley and his assistant Davin of Rock Bottom Chicago and Wil Turner of Goose Island (and wives!). Anyway, this show will not only teach you how beer is made in a side splitting laugh a minute manner, but many of your fav breweries from around Chicagoland are featured in prominent roles. Puppets, music (awesome original music), and puke will keep you rolling for 90 minutes. A must see!

Coming soon: who's gonna replace me at FSBC...

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