Sunday, June 29, 2008

Where's the beer?

On our aforementioned trip to Roanoke VA, I knew that the brewery/brewpub/beer bar scene was going to thin out through West Virginia and into southwest VA(and that's why I packed plenty of bottles of our beer). So we hammered on. However, in neighboring Salem, I found a store called Cork and Keg. What drew my attention was:

These were awesome! A smoker, a grill or an oven. but at 400 bucks up to 1000, I guess I had to pass. It is on my Christmas list though, know that.

Anyway, there was a great selection at this store and I picked up some Insanity and Black Hole from Weyerbacher in Easton PA and Festina Peche from Dogfishhead in Milton DE.

The Black hole was pretty good. Jenni (my wife) loves the festina(as did I actually) and I'm saving the Insanity to drink with Andrew.

And continuing the random post: Ever have a camel stick their head in your driver's side window? My father-in-law did at Virginia Safari Park. Kinda cool, but kinda wrong in some ways as well.
Then just down the road you can find Natural Bridge. A really cool natural formation in an area that is really starting to build up the cheese factor. And by that I mean wax museum/dinosaur land/really bad gift shop crap. Just let people enjoy nature and keep the rest of it out of sight. (ok, you'd understand more if I had taken the picture of the cowboy riding a dinosaur outside of the natural bridge gift shop-weird!)

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