Sunday, June 29, 2008

They let me stop for beer!

As previously mentioned I "got" to travel to the east coast (just about-Roanoke VA) with my wife, kids and mother-in-law. The destination was a family wedding, but the journey was much more fun. Since I "had" to chase my kids around the Indianpolis Children's museum (which was fun), I "got" to stop at Brugge Brasserie for lunch.

This would be Nick, jumping for joy that we are about to engage in moules frites:

"I can eat these suckers with my fingers AND they give us four dipping sauce with the fries?!"

We had a great visit to Brugge Brasserie.Thanks Shannon! On tap were the Tripel, Black, and Red. All very good. The tables with holes cut in them for the frites cones were worth the trip in itself. My mom in law still can't stop talking about the fresh mussels in the middle of the country. A great stop!

Next up, it was on towards Louisville area and the New Albanian Brewing Company. The NABC provides beer for Rich O's public house, a cozy little pub with a great house selection and a equally great guest tap selection, and Sportstime Pizza. We were set up with a sampler, pints and a logo pint glass. Thanks Roger! We ate a pizza and were on our way.I guess he's just as happy getting to Rich O's as we are!

On to the Blue Ridge Mountains...

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