Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Guest Brewer at Flossmoor Station

What happens when you win Best of Show at the The Chicago Cup held by local homebrewing club, Brewers of South Suburbia? Well, you get to brew your beer at Flossmoor Station, of course. A week ago, Brian Richards from Marquette Michigan drove down for a Sunday of brewing his Belgian Golden Strong Ale recipe. It was a Duvel-ish clone and while he didn't have any of the batch for sampling, we did share a Duvel just to coordinate the palate and mind before really getting into it. We shot a little high on the gravity, which was targeted at 1.083, but we like to turn some beers up to 11 here at FSBC anyway, so no harm done. The yeast took off and then slowed down, but is still chugging away and we are nearing terminal gravity. Look for the beer to be on tap at the pub in mid-july, near our 12th anniversary.
We had a great time brewing and I surely appreciated the help. Brian had a great trip hitting Three Floyds and the Maproom among other places. Brian ha a lot of knowledge about beer, homebrewing, and all things Belgian. It seems to me that not all those from the great white north are busch light fans!(just kidding Brian) In fact, check out Brian's blog here.So get your recipes dialed in for next year's B.O.S.S. Chicago Cup Challenge where you too could be cleaning out my mash tun!

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