Thursday, December 11, 2008

Strong Ale Fest 2008

...Strong enough anyway. That's me waxing poetic about who knows what with Pizza Port Carlsbad's Jeff Bagby's dad. Anywho, I had the distinct pleasure of traveling out to San Diego last weekend (yeah, boohoo, right-rough life) for the 12th annual Pizza Port Strong Ale Festival. They had about 103 beers over 8%! And you can see it in my eyes I am sure. What a great weekend! Toronado, Stone, Lost Abbey and Pizza Port. Oh and 75 degree sunny weather. When I get the pictures from Pete Crowley (Rock Bottom brewer who I tagged on with) I will tell the story of the week. I like to do it with pix better. For now, know that it rocked and below is a pic with Pete at Lost Abbey's brewery infront of a few of the 8 bazillion barrels Tomme uses to age beer. Awesome!

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Homebrewer Brian said...

You're living the dream man, living the dream.