Thursday, October 06, 2011

Kellehers Collaboration brew

We just had a great day brewing with Bill from Kellehers Pub down in Peoria and Pat from Specialty Importers. I should more accurately say that they brewed for us, and we micro-managed...

We brewed a nice, toasty nut brown ale, more adkin to Samuel Smith's Nut Brown than to our Pullman, which should be perfect for the fall season to come.

The next tapping is set for the 10th of October, Monday, starting at 7pm for Mug Clubbers and then 8pm behind the bar. We'll be getting into the Bear Claw Wheat Wine, which is a fruity, velvety and boozy wheat wine at 9.7%abv, fermented with the Weihenstephan Hefeweizen yeast strain. Should be fun!

Also, hope to see everyone out for our Oktoberfest, in which we're tapping our Bier Leichen, Vienna Lager ein mas! Festivities start at 2pm and go thru 10pm, Saturday the 8th


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