Monday, October 24, 2011

English Style Brown Ale Collaborated with an Irish Pub

We are going to tap our "Derailed" Kelleher's Brown Ale this Thursday, the 27th, at 7pm for Mug Clubbers and at 8pm for the rest of the you folk.

We did the beer as a collaboration with Kelleher's Pub in Peoria, as part of their "Beer of the Month," which will be featured thru November. It's an English Sytle Brown Ale, a little lighter in color than our Pullman, and a bit less chocolately. It has a really nice, very sessionable, malty body with tones of toast riddled through it, and finishes crisp with just a touch of hops mixed with roasted nuts. 5.9%abv

Hope you can make it!

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J l said...

Can't wait. This is Josh Lanning from June Restaurant. Can't wait for our dinner next week. I'll be down at Kellerhers to enjoy this brew.