Thursday, June 10, 2010

No Name beer in need of help

We are looking for suggestions for the next specialty beer! We are making a malt liquor on Friday and think that this beer could inspire a load of great names. We have a few names in the running for top place but the more ideas we get the better the name will be. Winner gets a keggie(3.3gal) of the beer free! Good luck.


A Lynch said...

Head Smasher

Churlish79 said...

1. Midnight Express Malt Liquor
2. Magnolia Star Malt Liquor (The Coach Service on the IC, as opposed to the Panama Limited as the Premier Service car on the IC)

Bryan Shimkos said...

Nice train references too Churlish!

big window said...

1) Hobo Gravy

2) 40 Daze- Many Malt Liqours come in 40oz. containers

3) B.B.O.- Brown Bag Optional

Jen said...

Lando Liquor in reference to Billy Dee Williams endorsement of Colt 45.

Ann said...

Rail Reserve
Mickey's Revenge
Malter Cronkite
Flossmoor 40

commuter 1 said...

- This fell off a truck
- Cardboard boxer
- Musty Cat

roflcopter said...


Brian said...

Cold Day in Hell
Pagano's Last Stand (really tasteless, I know)
Electric Shutdown (reference to winter service on the Metra Electric when it's icy)

Nate said...

Maltzilla, or possibly Malty Kong?

Nee said...

Train references
1. Caboose Juice
2. High Ball
3. High Railer
4. Derailed
5. Train Wreck
6. Pin Lifter
7. Knuckle Pin

Nee said...

1) .08>
2) High Roller
3) Wide Mouth
4) Blitz
5) FullCourt Press
6) Stiff Arm

cranium said...

1. Malted Undertones
2. Liquor License
3. Potable Barley Pop
4. Electric Moonshine
5. The Toxic Rotgut Express (Toxic Rotgut)
6. Red-Eye Malt Whiskey

Monica said...

Golden Spike

big window said...

Golden Spike

Liquorish Whip


albdart said...

ok I wrote them down for you tuesday brian but hear they are again LOVE TRAIN,TRAIN STOP,BYOML(BRING YOUR OWN MALT LIQUOR).MALTY MICK,LIQUOR DE CORN,

Nee said...

Flavor of Love
Motown Madness

albdart said...


Richard said...

Fault of the Malt
Grain Car
Grain Train
Flossmoor Xpress

Seth R. Feldman said...

The Station's Dole

Dee said...

Red, White and Brew

M2 (Mortal Malt)

Curb Tripper

Rail Runner

Nee said...

White Bronco

drew said...

Bum's Lil' Helper

Chris said...

1. Gone Loco
2. LocoMalted
3. Tracking With My 40
4. Calliope
5. Train Swill

devilpanda said...

"Monster #9, You're Fired"

terrapin21 said...

1. Elephant's Eye

2. Grenade

3. Kings and Saints