Thursday, November 05, 2009

Bottles, bottles, and more bottles....

Black Magic IPA will be in bottles starting Tuesday, November 10th. They will have a Black Metallic wax.

We have in our fermentation tanks a "bottle-only" release beer, and as the release suggests will not be sold on draft. It is called "Hi-Fi Rye". Hi-Fi is a Rye Wine or for those who are all technical and such, a barley wine-style ale made with more than 50% rye malt. Ours happens to be 58% rye and hopefully will finish around 11%. This beer will be aged in stainless and bottled in February for a release of 55 cases. We are splitting this batch with some going into barrels for another bottle release this time next year with a bourbon aged version of Hi-Fi (~75 cases). Can't wait to enjoy this one.

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