Thursday, February 14, 2008

Our Little Surprise

I was across the street yesterday, storing some things in the basement to make room for the filler. Canada said it should be here on Friday. When I came back there was a freight truck in front of the restaurant. That only means one thing typically. A real heavy wooden crate with my year's salary inside. The bill of lading said it was only 40 lbs, but even if it was 40 kg they were way off. Luckily we had enough hands to get it into the basement. I think people should be required to wrap Christmas presents in nailed closed wooden crates. It would make Christmas was more exciting. Matt and I have been pouring over the manual. Hopefully we can have it up and running before too long. Next week we are slated to check out Schlafly, who run the same filler. Exciting!

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