Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ever had American Red Wheat Beer? either. But next Tuesday night we are tapping Rot Geist (red ghost for all you non-Germans). This is something Andrew wanted to try and we gave it a go(this is the reason we can't get to all those favorites you guys keep asking us to brew-we keep chasing the golden snitch (guess you gotta go see the Potter movie) of perfection.)
Anyway we used just shy of 50% wheat malt, added a bit of caramel malt for color without adding too much flavor and then loaded it up with American hops. It is also dryhopped. Crisp, refreshing, and hopped up. A session beer for hopheads?? Will it taste like a summer wheat ale? maybe. Will it taste like an American pale ale with all those hops? Maybe.
Will it be good? Absolutely. And you'll just have to come by Tuesday night to find the answer to the other questions. Mug Club Tapping as at 7PM. Everyone else will enjoy it at 8PM.

Beyond that we have a new lager fermenting away. During the last week of August, we'll tap Black Wolf Schwarzbier, our gold medal winning beer from last year's Great American Beer Festival. We'll be entering it again and you get to judge fro yourself whether it is worty of gold.

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