Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tap List 2/27/07

X-IPA (8.0% abv)

You know it, you love it, you ask us for it every time we don't have it on. It's X-IPA, our 100% Amarillo hop bomb. It's not subtle, it's not weak, and if it's at all like our last IPA it won't be on tap for long.

Killer Kowalski Baltic Porter (8.3% abv)
Our deep, dark, full-bodied lager. A slightly bittersweet chocolate aroma with a malty body that hints at dark fruits. It's complex and very enjoyable with a touch of roast finish. This may be the best beer we make all year long.

Social Lubricator Dopplebock (7.2% abv)
A malty, caramel colored German lager with a medium body and a crisp lager finish. Subtle roast and caramel malt aroma that remind you of fresh baked bread or toffee. Loosen up and get out of the cold with a tall glass of this special treat.

Replicale Saison
(6.3% abv)
[Almost Gone]
This year's installment of the Illinois Craft Brewer's Guild's Replicale project is a belgian-style farmhouse saison. Ours ended up very fruity and spicy from the saison yeast that we let go wild. Look for a pale to yellow beer that has a complex, tart, and refreshing flavor to it.


Anonymous said...

Great Job on the IPA It was EXCELLENT

Anonymous said...

Baltic porter is listed as a lager....mistake I assume?

brewer a said...

Nope, it's a lager. Made with real lager yeast.

Anonymous said...

Interesting! I did look up the Baltic Porter style and sure enough, Lager yeast. You know what they say about learning something new everyday...

BTW, we stopped by Flossmoor station last weekend and really enjoyed the X-IPA. I was telling a friend that I thought I read on the table card that you guys use 15 lbs. of Amarillo hops per barrel. That's sounds really high though. Perhaps my memory was clouded. Can you clarify for me? Thx and keep up the great brewing!