Friday, February 10, 2012

Hi-Fi Bottle Release, Feb 18th, 11:30am

We have finally set a date for the bottle release of this year's Hi-Fi Barrel Aged Barleywine: Saturday Feb 18th, at 11:30am here at the brewery.

The crowd control will be similar to last year, in which there will be a numbered ticket issued upon your arrival, and we'll call 10 ticket holders at a time to come and purchase thier bottles. The ticket numbers will be called numerically, so the release will be essentially a "first come first serve" basis, though the first 120 tickets will guarantee an opportunity to buy a bottle. The "ticketing window" will be at the hostess stand as you walk in the restaurant, issued by the very charasmatic Arnold, and the bottles will be sold at the doorway into the brewery by yours truly.

We're releasing 60 cases of 22oz bombers, waxed dipped, and limiting it to 6 bottles/ticket holder. Bottles are $15/each and it's cash only (there is an ATM on site in case you forget)

Looking forward to the release, we'll also have some of the Hi-Fi available on draft that day too!



Chad said...

What other Beers will be available for sale? Price? Looking forward to the event.

big window said...

Any chance of us folks bring other bottles to share?

Bjorn Johnson said...

Just the Barrel Aged HiFi for sale this Saturday.

Due to the crowded-ness and the fact that the release is held inside our restaurant, we're going to ask that outside beverages not be brought in to be opened.

Future bottle releases (eg Pre Dark Lord Day) will be a fine event to do so, since it's held outside our restaurant and is a more condusive event for bottle sharing.


kawilliams81 said...

What time do you start handing out numbers/how will it work since it will most likely be crazier than years past?

big window said...

Thanks Nick. Is this a beer you brewed or is it from the previous brewer?

Bjorn Johnson said...

We'll start handing out tickets at 9:30, as I'm sure some folks will start coming in about then. The bar will be open as well!

The HiFi was Bryan's recipe, though I did help to brew this batch. This is the same batch as the HiFi non-barrel aged that was sold last year.

big window said...

Thanks Nick.

Ethan said...

Hey Nick,

My name is Ethan and I am writing a feature for a new craft beer magazine called Mash Tun ( first issue is to be released during Chicago Beer Week. I am hoping to get some quick feedback from local brewers to include in my article. Specifically:

-How do you think the craft beer market has changed since you started brewing in Chicago?
-How do you anticipate the market will change in the years to come?
-What changes would you LIKE to see in Chicago's beer scene (for brewers, consumers, bars, restaurants, distributors, or whatever else is on your mind)?
-Any other comments you care to share!

Unfortunately I'm working under a tight deadline, and will need responses by end of business day Wednesday, 2/29, but if you have a minute to send me a few quick sentences on any or all of the questions above, I'd love to include your thoughts in the article. Thanks in advance for your time, and please let me know if you have any questions.





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