Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hi-Fi and BA Hi-Fi Release this Saturday, February 26th at NOON

The release of our 2011 rye barleywine, Hi-Fi, and the 2010 bourbon barrel aged Hi-Fi, will begin at NOON on Saturday, February 26th. Here are the details:

- We will begin to hand out numbered tickets beginning at 11am. These tickets are to help the release go more smoothly, as we will call groups of 20 people at a time according to these numbered tickets.

- When your number is called, please line up down the hallway that leads to the Metra parking lot. We are doing the bottle release out of the brewhouse so that no one has to wait in the cold (and so your friendly brewers don't have to either!)

- There is a 6 bottle limit on each variety for a total of 12 max possible. The price will be $10/btl for the 2011 Hi-Fi, and $15/btl for the 2010 BA Hi-Fi.

We are looking forward to this one!


Andrew Lautner said...

really excited for saturday, bryan. with a ticket system implemented, i presume, like me, you're expecting a big turnout. i remember last year's release didn't seem to last much long than a half hour before all the bottles sold out. what's the bottle count for both of these this year?

Bjorn Johnson said...

We learned a lot from last year. First, we have more cases than last year. 35 for 2010, 55 for 2011 Hi-Fi and 60 for 2010 BA Hi-Fi. Second, we are not going to waiver on the bottle limit (even after line has subsided.) With these changes we are hoping that it goes more smooth and fair than last year.