Monday, September 20, 2010


The day is finally here! We will be releasing TWO bottles on Saturday, September 25th, starting at NOON. These will be the Collaborative Evil 2010, and the Beelzebeer. There will be a ONE case limit on each one, and the price is still TBD (balpark is probably $10 +/- a buck or two). We will be selling these out of the rolling door just to the south of the main entrance on Sterling avenue. This is rain or shine so please come prepared. We look forward to seeing everyone there.


Jabberjaws13 said...

Hey - last year for the CE release you had food outside and we could bring dogs and eat outside. Is that still going to be the case this year? Going to be travelling through and didn't want to leave the dog couped up in the car if we had to go inside to eat. Thanks!

ryanb said...

Are these bottles still available at the brewery??

Bjorn Johnson said...

Yes these bottles are still available at the pub. Stop in to get yours today.