Friday, April 30, 2010

New Local Service

It hasn't really come up much, but we are happy to say that Flossmoor has a new distributor!

Recently, Flossmoor was picked up by Louis Glunz Beer Inc. of the Chicagoland area. Founded in 1888, the company is one of the oldest distributors in the nation. Boasting an impressive portfolio that rivals any other, Flossmoor is happy to be represented by a company with experience distributing many upper echelon brewers including locals such as our good friends at Three Floyds.

Over the last month or so, more bottles have started making their way out and more stores will be getting stock. Be on the look out for our Stationmaster Wheat, Pullman Brown, and our very popular rotating wax dipped Brewer's Whim IPA line in stores in and around Chicagoland. The Glunz webpage is a wealth of information in regards to finding our beers. Their "Find It Near Me" feature on individual listings for beers allows you to simply type in a zipcode to find accounts they service where Flossmoor has been headed lately. Check it out!

We must give some warning though: With the transfer of stock from our old distributor, it appears as though old IPAs have been making it onto the shelves. If you happen to have bought an old IPA (In particular, we are referring to the White Wax bottles from April 2009!) dotting the shelves distributed by Glunz, we'd be happy to swap you out a newer one down at our brewpub.



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