Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Time Out" IPA tapping Tuesday, May 19th

We are tapping the next IPA in the Brewer's Whim series Tuesday May 19th. Time Out is a little lighter in color and in the ABV coming in at 7.7%. The Centennial hop is featured in this beer with a 4 hop variety dry hop in the fermenter for extra hop flavor.


HOPS! said...

Bryan: HOPS! homebrew club would like to come out on the 19th: from 7:30 to 10:00pm. What time does the tapping begin. Russ Chibe or Tommy Saldana will try to communicate with you. Heard Pete Crowley on " Nick at Night" WGN on the radio urging all of Chicagoland to come out to experience your tasty beers. He claimed you can always get a train back even if you miss your train. Happened to him lots of times. All the best! Thanks (Marty Carroll/HOPS!)

Bjorn Johnson said...


Please have them get in touch with me at the brewery 708-957-2739. We'll definitely arrange something.

Anonymous said...

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Bryan, are you open on Monday, Memorial Day, the 25th?

Hopped Up said...

I'm having a bottle of the Time Out IPA (red wax with Shimkos sig on the bottle) that I bought in Chicago last week. The carbonation seemed flatter than I expected and there wasn't much head on the beer. The initial smell off of the bottle was definitely not hops either. The taste is not what I expected after the reviews on Beer Advocate. I'm just wondering if this could happen from the store not refrigerating this beer since I was very excited after reading the reviews, but the taste I'm getting is not like what the BA reviews say. It's obviously fresh since it was just released, so I figured the hops should be quite lively.

Bjorn Johnson said...

Hopped Up,

It sounds like something has happened to that bottle. We'd be happy to swap with a fresh one.

Hopped Up said...

I think a visit to the brewery to drink beer fresh off the taps will be my solution! I've never come down there, so I need to schedule a trip this summer.