Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tap List 5/28/08

Hattentot Hefeweizen (5.1% a.b.v.)

Hattentot is a pale and hazy yellowish beer with a large fluffy head.The fruity aroma begins with a whiff of banana and citrus fruits. The body is medium with a fruity middle and a slightly spicy character reminiscent of cloves. It finishes clean and is very thirst quenching.

Pretty Big IPA (8.5% a.b.v.)

Yeah, it’s Pretty Big

Milky Way Stout (4.1% a.b.v.)
A sweet stout made with lactose that stays behind in the beer because yeast can't ferment it. Creamy with lots of caramel and stouty flavors. And at only 4.1% it's an easy drinker.

Killer Kowalski Baltic Porter
(8.0% a.b.v.)
The reigning best Baltic Porter in the country. Our deep, dark, full-bodied lager. A slightly bittersweet chocolate aroma with a malty body that hints at dark fruits. It's complex and very enjoyable with a touch of roast finish.

Black Wolf Schwarz bier
(4.8% a.b.v.)
The best schwarz bier in the U.S. according to the 2006 Great American Beer Festival. Lager body and finish with a touch of roasty aroma and body. A distinct but not overpowering black beer that just may change your idea about what a "dark beer" is.

De Zuidentrein Kreik (6.8% a.b.v.)
Leftorium aged in a wine barrel with sour cherries. We had room on the bar so you make room in your gullet.

Guest tap: Founder's Centennial IPA

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