Monday, December 03, 2007


The Beer Depot is no more.
For most of you this is old news, but I've recently gotten a slew of requests and realized y'all don't know. For those who don't, click here for some pics on the starting construction on what could of been the most fantabulous craft beer store/homebrew supply shop this side of Gary Indiana. We were pretty far into planning having built halfway through the store and talking to various distributors. However, the owners of both Flossmoor Station and the now defunct Beer Depot (read: the investor) decided that the small mark-up on retail beer plus other cost factors resulted in an about face of plans and the store stopped in it's tracks(perhaps you heard of the recent Amtrak crash with a freight train in Chicago-well, it wasn't really like that, but I thought it had some relevance here). So, no matter what you have heard, it was really just a buisness descision on the part of the principal and only money person. Since they are still the owners of the building in which it was to open, it will now be rented out to another tenant. If you need any ideas on that craft beer store you are planning, let us know-we had some good things planned.
The good news.. the brewery lives on and the bottling project is now the focus of our hordes of free time!

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Anonymous said...

sorry to hear that, was looking forward to visiting that store. best of luck with the bottling venture!