Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year, New Updates

Hope all of your New Year celebrations went well. I know mine did. I have the pictures to prove it. The holidays are a busy time of year for most people, brewers included and you may have noticed a lack of substantive posts from us for that reason. But fear not, we have good things planned for 2007. Well, we hope they are good at least. The Kind Ale is gone so we know you thought that was good.

First up, is a new, experimental I.P.A. After Denver last year Matt said, "Okay, you have to come up with something new and exceptional that no one has ever done before." No pressure right? Well, the first experiment of 2007 is a German-American creation. It's what I think a German brewer might come up with if they tried to make an American Style Double I.P.A. We used 100% Pilsner Malt for the base, (In our normal I.P.A. we like to use English Pale Ale Malt.) German Hops for bittering (Gr. Magnum and Gr Perle.) Our house ale yeast, fermented cool like you would a lager. And finally aggressively dry hopped with big American varieties, Amarillo and Centennial. We weren't interested in making an Imperial Pilsner, which is not altogether dissimilar, but something with a Flossmoor twist. Look for it in Mid January. Our own Deutscher I.P.A. (pronounced A.Pay.Ahh)

It's been a hot minute since we had a Dopplebock as well. Quietly lagering away in the depths of the Station will arise Social Lubricator. Dark brown, malty, complex, and with a crisp lager finish, Social Lubricator is a traditional german-style dopplebock. Look for it in February.

Also to come will be a Baltic Porter. For those of you unfamiliar with the style, Baltic Porters are kind of a hybrid beer that originated in England for export to, you guessed it, Eastern Europe. It's like a dark porter that is made with a lager yeast, with dark fruit or roast characters. Like the dopplebock it is a very malty style, higher in alcohol that most beers, and one that you will love to drink.

Continuing on through January will be our rotating Barrel Aged beers. Currently serving is 10, a blend of 10 different beers that we have been aging for over a year and a half. Next will be Wooden Hell, our 2006 GABF strong barrel aged beer bronze medal winning barley wine. That's a mouthful. It won't last long so don't put off coming in.

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Greg Furgason said...

I think Zach and I inspired you guys when we brought in our Baltic Porter a couple months ago. We were pretty happy with ours, so I am looking forward to tasting your guys creation.